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Located in the cultural industry park of Chengde Dynasty, a key cultural industry project in Hebei Province, Dingsheng Royal lantern fair is a Lantern Carnival integrating lantern fair, temple fair, food, playground, material cultural heritage and folk performance. The park was built by Chengde Dingsheng Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 3.8 billion yuan. It has successfully built the world's first large-scale real-life performance of royal culture, the grand ceremony of Kangxi, a five-star Palace Hotel, Harley Motorcycle Club, calligraphy and painting academy, catering and entertainment center, etc. Among them, nearly 1000 performances of "the grand ceremony of Kangxi in the heyday of the reign of Emperor Kangxi" were performed, with a total audience of nearly one million and the performance revenue of more than 200 million. Project industrialization, product diversification and marketing branding have made the park a model of cultural and creative industries in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and has been awarded the "national cultural industry demonstration base" by the Ministry of culture.
On January 19, 2020, with the theme of inheriting historical folk culture and innovating winter cultural tourism, the seventh golden Royal Lantern Festival will be opened in Chengde, Hebei Province. It has been a folk custom since ancient times to celebrate the Lunar New Year and enjoy the flower lantern. During the Spring Festival, people always light up thousands of lanterns to celebrate, go shopping and taste the customs of the new year, so that the new year has a "flavor of the new year". It is understood that the theme of the Lantern Festival is "realizing the Chinese dream and striving for a new era". On the basis of inheriting Chinese traditional customs, the festival highlights the characteristics and connotation of the "new year flavor" of the Spring Festival, strengthens the sense of identity and belonging of "Celebrating the Chinese new year, searching for Chinese flavor and celebrating Chinese festival", and creates a happy and auspicious spring festival atmosphere with ice sculpture, colorful lights, folk performances, food and entertainment. In 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China is the year of the Chinese people's Daqing. In addition to the annual culture, folk culture and traditional culture of previous lantern festivals, this royal Lantern Festival also takes the glorious course of the founding of new China as the theme, so that this lantern festival can reflect our praise and good expectations for the motherland in the auspicious and festive atmosphere during the Spring Festival of the year of the rat. This year's Lantern Festival is full of bright spots. The popular "ice sculpture world" injects new vitality into the Lantern Festival by integrating Chinese and Western cultural ideas with fairy tale castle, cartoon paradise and children's amusement project. In addition, for the first time this year, the Lantern Festival has invited a national performing team to present authentic intangible cultural heritage folk performances, such as dragon and phoenix dance in China, carp jumping in the dragon's gate, etc. Haicheng stilts and Kuancheng Yangko will also be shaken out. In addition to enjoying the traditional items such as colorful lantern ice sculpture exhibition and folk custom performance, this lantern festival pays more attention to the combination of modern fashion elements. The scene will also set up "creative Internet red" photo area, food area, interactive area, etc., so that tourists can enjoy the beautiful traditional Chinese folk culture and enjoy a variety of comprehensive festivals such as eating, drinking, playing, enjoying and shopping.