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"Dingsheng · Meiyuan" project is located in the west side of Fenglin Oasis Community in dashanchakou, Shuangluan District, Chengde City, covering an area of 360 mu, with a planned investment of 720 million yuan and a construction area of about 35500 square meters. Specifically divided into four functional areas: cultural landscape viewing area, planning to cover an area of 120 mu; culture and art entertainment area, planning to occupy 80 mu; sports and cultural activities area, planning to occupy 80 mu; ancillary facilities area, planning to occupy 80 mu.
Among them: the current Harley Club (formerly known as horse culture theme park [phase I]) will be merged into the sports and cultural activity area.
In addition, the cultural landscape viewing area, culture and art entertainment area and auxiliary facilities area are under construction according to the plan. By the end of October, 210000 square meters of earthwork have been cleared and transported, 1500 extension meters of fences, 800 extension meters of roads and 600 extension meters of front courtyard walls of buildings 1-14. 70% of the drawings have been completed.
This project is to the north of the Great Wall. It seems to be the first mountain plum blossom theme garden, integrating catering, entertainment, shopping, wedding photography and fashion creativity. It is a pleasant, intimate and leisure place integrating appreciation, creation, recreation and double entertainment day and night.
The project fully embodies the intimate integration of humanistic atmosphere and nature, which will fill the blank of Chengde winter tourism market, and promote the development of tourism characteristics and the diversification of tourism products.