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Location and introduction:

Chengde Dingsheng calligraphy and painting academy was registered and established in 2011. It is located in Yuanbaoshan scenic area and Dingsheng Cultural Industry Park, which is an important part of Chengde Dingsheng cultural industry park. As a professional calligraphy and painting creation and research institution, Dingsheng calligraphy and Painting Institute aims to carry forward the excellent cultural and artistic tradition, condense, cultivate and promote art talents, and takes the creation of high-level and high-level professional team for art research and practice as its own responsibility, and strives to build itself into a cultural and artistic platform for the city and even the whole country for internal and external exchange.

Function layout:

The overall shape of Chengde flourishing calligraphy and painting academy is formed by the interpenetration of tripod type and geometric form. The main body of the rectangle is interspersed by the tripod type, which makes the front tripod form a contrast with the clear shape at the back, which highlights the aesthetic feeling of the building. In addition, large floor to floor windows give people a clear and concise feeling. The main building is 3 floors above the ground and 1 floor underground. The central part of the building is patio design. It has professional exhibition hall, gallery, collection library, creation room, conference room, academic lecture hall and other complete supporting facilities. It is a calligraphy and painting academy integrating exhibition, collection, research, education, communication and service.
Among them:
The lobby on the first floor is bright and open, which can hold the opening ceremony activities attended by hundreds of people. On the giant screen opposite the gate, on one side is mounted the famous painter Liu Kun's zhangliu masterpiece Seven Sages of the bamboo grove, and on the other side is the zhangliu masterpiece of the famous calligrapher Mr. Liu Wenhua.
The exhibition area on the first floor has a space height of about 4 meters, a total area of about 1500 square meters, and a total length of more than 300 linear meters. It has a free moving exhibition wall, advanced sound equipment and lighting facilities. It can also hold various national calligraphy and painting exhibitions, individual artists' exhibitions, joint exhibitions, etc., and carry out various activities such as calligraphy and painting art creation and pen meeting.
"Cuiyuntang" gallery on the second floor is used to display and sell the works of artists and famous artists in the whole city and the whole country. The gallery has perfect facilities, elegant environment, tea bar and leisure area. It has the conditions of holding art salon, small pen meeting, auction and demonstration creation.
The small conference room on the second floor is equipped with advanced conference system, which can undertake small and medium-sized meetings of about 50 people.
The office area on the second floor includes the dean's office, vice president's office, finance department, exhibition department, administration department, etc.
There are 10 painting and calligraphy creation rooms on the third floor to provide painting and calligraphy creation space for our hospital and temporary visiting calligraphers and painters. The studio is equipped with spotlights, felt walls, painting cases and painting tools, which are convenient for artists to create.
The academic lecture hall with a capacity of 100 people on the third floor has complete facilities such as projection, high-definition camera and sound. It can hold all kinds of academic lectures, calligraphy and painting creation, appreciation, auction, training and other art activities, as well as undertaking news release and other related meetings.

Academic strength:

Mr. Yao yuan, a member of China Calligrapher Association, director of Hebei Provincial Calligrapher Association and a famous calligrapher, is the president of the Academy. Zhao Zhitian, Xiao Yutian, Wang Xiujie, Liu Kun and Ma weichi are invited to serve as art consultants and preside over the Art Committee to check the academic level and collection quality of various art activities of the Academy. At present, there are seven contracted calligraphers and painters, and more than 20 specially contracted calligraphers and painters. There are not only well-known calligraphers and painters in China, but also some new comers. They have gathered many artists such as figures, landscapes, flowers and birds.

Our collection

There are more than 1000 pieces of calligraphy and painting works, such as Qianlong's four screens, famous Master Cheng fan and so on.

Introduction to operation and various activities:

● cuiyuntang Gallery
Cuiyuntang gallery is located on the second floor of the painting and Calligraphy Academy, with elegant environment, complete functions and standardized management. The business area is more than 400 square meters, and the exhibition line is more than 180 linear meters. It can hold artists' individual exhibition, calligraphy and painting creation, pen meeting and other activities.
The gallery is committed to promoting national culture, providing art exchange platform and building a bridge between artists and collectors. At present, the gallery acts as the sole agent for the works of famous calligraphers and painters such as Liu Kun and Ma weichi, and sells the works of Ouyang Zhongshi, Xiao Yutian, Wang Xin and Guan Kuo.

● Organizing large scale activities of collecting and sketching
In June 2013, Dingsheng calligraphy and painting academy specially invited 20 famous calligraphers and painters to come into Kuancheng to collect styles, sketch and create works. They depicted Kuancheng's landscape, history, customs, urban appearance and new rural construction with ink and ink, and praised the great changes and achievements of Kuancheng's economy and society. This activity has achieved fruitful results, creating a large number of fine paintings and calligraphy, some of which have been permanently collected by Kuancheng County Museum.
● various exhibitions
Since the official use of the exhibition hall in July 2014, Dingsheng calligraphy and painting academy has successfully held more than 60 exhibitions of various types of calligraphy and art works, including "calligraphy and painting jade" by Wang Wenbo and Lu Chunmei, "daqingfang" Cup "national exhibition form" exhibition of Chengde Calligraphers Association, "ink phase" Buddhist calligraphy exhibition, and "ink painting" Chinese painting of Chengde City in 2015 Itinerant works exhibition, Youyan Danqing - "Zanhua Cup" fine arts exhibition of nine counties in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, "Chinese dream charm Chengde" -- 2016 Chengde fine arts and calligraphy exhibition, "impression of Southern Anhui" -- Ma weichi's sketching works exhibition, "beautiful Hebei" photography exhibition, Chinese dream · Langfang dream · people's dream -- Langfang Chengde fine art photography joint exhibition and documentary The new force international activism photography exhibition and other exhibitions are in the forefront of provincial and municipal exhibitions in terms of form, scale and standard.

●High end pen meeting
Among them, in August 2014, a number of well-known artists delegation composed of Tianjin Calligraphers Association and Tianjin Artists Association visited Dingsheng calligraphy and painting academy and held pen meeting exchange activities.
●National calligraphy training
In November 2014, he undertook the tutor class of the training center of China Calligraphers Association. There were many trainees from 28 provinces and cities in China. The tutor was Liu Wenhua, director of training center of China Calligraphers Association and visiting professor of Capital Normal University.
● auction
On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2015 and 2016, Dingsheng calligraphy and painting academy and Chengde young Calligraphers Association jointly held two activities of "charity auction elegant collection", which achieved good social effects. Since April 2015, Dingsheng Academy of calligraphy and painting has organized a total of 61 issues of online micro photography, which has opened up a new way for art to enter the market.
● Dingsheng culture and art lecture hall
Since March 2015, Dingsheng calligraphy and painting academy has successfully held more than 50 lectures on "Dingsheng culture and art lecture hall". The purpose of the lecture hall is to promote the excellent national culture and art. It explores art, traces back to the tradition, pays attention to the humanities and history, and promotes the popularity of culture and art. It covers calligraphy, painting, seal cutting, literature, poetry, couplets, literary and play collection, photography, tea ceremony and many other art categories. The opening of the lecture hall has made the traditional culture and art of spring and snow come out of the ivory tower and have zero distance contact with ordinary people and radiate new brilliance.
● visit reception
Since its establishment, the academy has received more than 100 group visits from government departments at all levels, various social organizations and mass organizations, including former Minister Cai Wu of the Ministry of culture, which has won the unanimous praise of all sessions of the society.