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"Dingsheng pipe Museum" is subordinate to Chengde Dingsheng Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd., which is an important part of Dingsheng cultural industry chain. The pipe culture originated from American tobacco culture. With the footprints of colonists, it was introduced into China from the Philippines in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, and then became a Chinese cigarette bag. Nowadays, "smoking is harmful to health, and global ban on smoking" is declining. On the contrary, the "pipe" has evolved from a simple smoking tool into a kind of art that can be grasped. Hand made pipe making and collection are becoming more and more popular. Keeping up with the trend of the times, Dingsheng culture company spent 200 million yuan to build the largest and most collected pipe Museum in China. The purpose is to build a platform, spread culture, make the flourishing culture in line with the international culture, "take the pipe as the medium, make friends widely", carry forward the imported pipe culture in China, take root in Chengde, and make contributions to our flourishing cultural industry with the help of the pipe culture. "Dingsheng pipe Museum" covers an area of more than 1000 square meters, and has a total collection of nearly 10000 pieces. It is divided into two parts: the ancient pipe culture exhibition area and the modern pipe culture exhibition area. After being completed and put into use, the museum has attracted the attention of a large number of pipe culture lovers, especially the favor of foreign pipe makers and pipe customers. Through the successful holding of five "China Chengde international pipe Culture Festival" (more than 50 pipe masters from more than 30 countries participated in the display and exchange activities of pipe Culture), the "peak pipe Museum" has been in the international pipe culture HuaQuan has been well-known, and many pipe lovers at home and abroad come here to visit, study and exchange culture. "Dingsheng pipe Museum" links the flourishing cultural industry with the "pipe" as the link. The pipe culture injects new cultural elements into the flourishing culture, creating a diversified cultural prosperity and jointly casting the glory of the flourishing culture.