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Chengde Dingsheng Harley club has invested 250 million yuan, which is an important part of Dingsheng plum garden. The club has more than 100 self-made Harley motorcycles, 10 high-end security vehicles and 5 km training track. It integrates office, exhibition, Western food, locomotive maintenance, riding, red wine storage, cigar tasting and other leisure and entertainment. It integrates Harley's simple motorcycle into Harley's wild, free and unrestrained cultural life style, By integrating exotic locomotive culture with local culture, traditional culture and prosperous royal culture, it will become the "post station" of China Chengde travel for Harley riders all over the country and the world. It will use locomotive culture to promote Chengde tourism routes, create self driving camp, and inject new cultural elements into the flourishing culture.

Through all-round customization, high taste pattern and fashion construction, Dingsheng Harley club creates a professional Harley club, which is another excellent project of the cultural and creative industry base after the heyday Dynasty Kangxi ceremony. The club adopts the operation mode of customized decoration, high-end management, recruitment of members and rental cycling. Through the inspection of vehicle condition, performance training and riding training by experienced Harley locomotive engineers, the club invites Chinese Harley motorcyclists to train and exchange views on Fengning dam, and plans to establish cycling training camp on Yuda line of paddock. Since its establishment in 2013, it has participated in Liaoning Province Dandong China Harley ride, in May this year, participated in the Harley hero gathering in Beitang, Tianjin, marking the 10th anniversary of Harley China. So far, he has been to Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Beijing, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao and other places to promote riding. The Knights enjoy the professional positioning of the club's Harley cars and high-end travel security services, so that motorcycle enthusiasts can know more about Harley locomotives and feel ha Lei Ji Che culture and spirit. The club has promoted the Chengde Sheng Sheng Halley club through the new and old media platform through the establishment of the official account of WeChat and the official network of Hefei Harley. The combination of multi-element and high-level culture is the driving force and business model, which has the demonstration and guidance role of new development. Cooperate with China Harley to explore a new mode of integration of science and technology, locomotive, sports and culture, break through the old mode, and drive the innovation of sports industry and tourism industry with new thinking; Linking with the world sports culture and locomotive culture, integrating communication technology and sports culture, and promoting the development of high-end sports with its innovation, competitiveness, financing and demonstration are the affirmation of the new trend of sports, an important channel for the mutual promotion of sports undertakings and science and technology, and play an important role in the mutual exchange and cooperation of modern sports service industry and modern tourism and leisure industry Demonstration and leading role.