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《Yuanbao Street》It is an important part of the cultural and creative industry base of the "heyday Dynasty" and an important supporting service project for the live performance "Kangxi grand ceremony" and the theme amusement park "Dingsheng plum garden". Yuanbao street is adjacent to Guangren street in the north and connected with Dingsheng Meiyuan scenic area through the overpass specially built by the municipal government; it is adjacent to the Dede club in the west, the Royal Square of the heyday Dynasty in the East, and the central square area is integrated with the ticket selling and checking area of Kangxi grand ceremony in the south. It can be said that Yuanbao Street links the cultural industry projects built by the heyday Dynasty for nearly ten years, and truly becomes an organic whole, which has the basis of providing one-stop service for various cultural tourism consumption needs.

Yuanbao Street project, with a total investment of 150 million yuan, covers an area of 87000 square meters, with a total construction area of 27000 square meters (plot ratio of 26%); it is composed of 36 Chinese style antique buildings with 1-2 floors, with a length of nearly 600 meters; there is an underground parking lot at the entrance of motor vehicles on the west side, and there is a ground parking area of nearly 600 meters along the side of Guangren street, which can park nearly 400 small vehicles.

After several rounds of discussion, it is finally determined that Yuanbao Street will be built into a "new cultural and tourism brand in northern cities" by relying on the surrounding performances and scenic spots (spots) and integrating the accommodation resources nearby, so as to create a tourist consumption destination integrating "culture, commerce and entertainment" for the customers of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Liaoning and Inner Mongolia. The operation of Yuanbao Street will "take the royal culture of Chengde as the soul", "take the comprehensive leisure business as the core", "take the integration of < span lang =" EN-US "> IP < / span > performance as the potential" to achieve the purpose of "enhancing the cultural connotation of Chengde commercial body, improving the tourism development strategy and characteristic business strategy layout of Chengde, and highlighting the development characteristics of cultural, commercial and tourism industry in Shuangluan district!"

Yuanbao Street's main business format is catering, from special snacks to large-scale specialized shops, from local flavor to online hot money, which will meet the cultural needs of surrounding citizens and foreign tourists for leisure, banquets, gatherings, clocking, etc. Strive to become a frequent public, tourists must come to the catering culture gathering area! In addition to catering services, combined with the diversified cultural and leisure needs of target customers, Yuanbao street also provides services such as bars, cultural and creative industries, specialty products, VR experience, Internet cafes, secret room escape, and unpowered children's entertainment projects. The heyday Dynasty will also build a pipe and cigar display shop in Yuanbao street, so that tourists and citizens can have a glimpse of the master's pipe and cigar.

------------Exquisite pipe

------------Special Cantonese cuisine

------------Non legacy cultural creation