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1、 Parking service

As a cultural, commercial and entertainment complex, it carries the parking and car searching needs of different groups of customers. It can be divided into the following three situations:

1). Tourists arriving by bus will stop at the west entrance of Yuanbao street. The bus goes along Guangren street to the east bus parking lot. After watching the grand ceremony, the tourists get on the bus in the east parking lot. Tourists enter from the west square of Yuanbao street and through the main street on the west side. They can taste snacks or sit down at a special shop while walking. They can get tickets at the central square and watch the wonderful performance of Kangxi grand ceremony. After that, they can leave through the main street on the East side and enjoy various kinds of online snacks along the way.

2). Self driving tourists or citizens who drive in from the west entrance of Yuanbao street can choose to enter the underground parking lot on the west side or park near the 600 meter ground parking lot on the side of Guangren street. Watch or participate in the day and night activities of Yuanbao street, choose your favorite restaurant for dinner or party, enjoy or buy special cultural and creative products, form a group to participate in an E-sports competition, or ask three or five friends to escape from the brain burning chamber.

3). Take a bus or taxi, there are 2 bus stops on Guangren street, and there are 4 pedestrian access on Yuanbao street in Guangren street, you can choose the nearest one to get in and out of Yuanbao street.

The parking service diagram is as follows:

2、 Performing arts services

As a cultural and tourism project, in addition to relying on the attraction of Kangxi grand ceremony and Dingsheng plum garden, it also needs to have attraction. Catering and leisure is an important part of the core attraction, and performing arts activities will become the core element of Yuanbao district which is different from other commercial complexes! Combined with the needs of royal culture and four seasons operation, we will create at least < span lang = "EN-US" > 10 < / span > theme activities every year to mobilize and stimulate potential customers with various leisure needs to come to Yuanbao street.

The performing arts or theme activities that have been in operation for many years include: Kangxi ceremony, international pipe and cigar Festival, Royal Lantern Festival, Huimin auto show, etc.

3、 Quality management service

As a tourist destination, the service quality of service personnel, the quality of restaurant dishes, the quality of cultural and creative products, and the quality of interactive entertainment projects determine the satisfaction of tourists! Therefore, we specially invite experts and practitioners from relevant fields to provide targeted quality management services and provide guidance and training for relevant personnel at different levels, so as to continuously improve the quality.

We will invite tourists from time to time to evaluate and score all aspects of the quality, identify the weak quality areas, and constantly improve. The tourists who participate in the evaluation, especially those who put forward useful suggestions, will be rewarded; and the merchants who perform well in the evaluation will also be given attractive rewards.

4、 Other services

● provide ATM in the first floor of the main building of the Central Plaza for tourists who need cash withdrawal or transfer.

● in the tourist service center, it will jointly set up and provide logistics services with express delivery companies, so as to provide tourists with express cultural and creative products or special products.

● Provide the project, surrounding resources and other tourism consulting services in the tourist service center, so that you can understand the surrounding resources and design the tour route.

● provide online navigation services for the project on the official micro blog, and provide online booking, purchase and other online services according to the operation situation.