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Live theater

Yuanbaoshan, one of the ten famous mountains in Chengde, belongs to Yanshan mountain range. It is adjacent to Shuangta mountain. There is a Yuanbao shaped boulder lying on the top of the mountain, so it is called Yuanbaoshan. "Yuanbao" stone is more than 100 meters long. Its two ends are tilted. There is a hole in the north, 8 meters deep, 6 meters wide and 1.6 meters high. There is no sunshine all year round. There is still ice and snow in the cave in May of the lunar calendar. Yuanbao mountain has beautiful natural scenery, various vegetation types and rich resources. Mountains, streams, trees, rocks and rocks, unique natural landscape and elegant human environment constitute a beautiful picture of static and dynamic combination, forming a unique charm different from other scenic spots. The large-scale live show "the grand ceremony of Kangxi in the heyday of the reign of Emperor Kangxi" takes the whole Yuanbaoshan as the background, the unique Danxia landform landscape and the surrounding mountain trend of Yuanbao mountain, and takes the 9000 square meter mountain area of Yuanbaoshan as the performance theater. Here, Yuanbao mountain's magnificent and magnificent peaks and valleys, mist and smoke in the air, trees, flowers and plants on the mountain and spectacular cliff walls all become the constituent elements of the live performance theater. The uncanny craftsmanship of nature is sublimated to the extreme. The real mountain and water show a immortal legend of the emperor and make a magnificent real scene theater.
Core highlights of live performance
Large investment - 200 million yuan to build
Grand culture - the unique royal culture accumulation of Chengde
Great legend - a wonderful interpretation of the brilliant legend of a generation of Emperors
Great history - the shocking reappearance of the grand history of a prosperous Dynasty
Big team Mei Shuai yuan, founder of China's live performance, leads the star team
Grand Theater - the 9000 square meter mountain area of Yuanbaoshan in Chengde is the performance theater A large cast of 200 imported horses and nearly 1000 actors
Big effect - the stage of live performance is equipped with almost the largest stage machinery, lifting turntable and hundreds of super large lighting scenes in the world, achieving a stage effect that is both real and illusory.
Luxury lighting effects
The most intuitive thing to support this super stage is lighting. At the scene of the performance of the great Emperor Kangxi ceremony, the largest environmental art lighting project in China is installed. 3000 special effect lighting equipment are covered with the whole mountain, creating a beautiful, changing and vivid visual art effect for the audience. Especially in Act 3, in order to show Kangxi Emperor's respect for nature and knowledge more vividly, the performance scene is like the remote space under the effect of light effects, and the astronomical instruments such as copper celestial instrument, equatorial theodolite, ecliptic theodolite, horizon meter, ideograph, chemometer, horizon theodolite and other astronomical instruments are used in the special moonlight The light shining in the dark In the air, the nine planets are rising and turning The audience is like a vast and deep sky, and the profound spiritual world of a generation of emperors has been unfolded, which makes people extremely shocked and moved. The whole performance is like a real luxury Lantern Festival. The magnificent Yuanbaoshan also shows beautiful, mysterious and dreamlike artistic charm under the Chinese lamp for the first time.
Luxury dance design
In Yuanbaoshan's 9000 square meter mountain live theater, a 2000 square meter live art stage has been built, with the world's largest stage machinery and equipment, lifting turntables and hundreds of super large lighting scenes. With the help of modern high-tech sound, light, electricity and efficiency systems, it has created a fantastic, aesthetically luxurious and unprecedented spectacular art stage Great visual impact, to achieve the shocking effect of the dance. Looking around, the vast and unique mountain area of Yuanbao mountain evolves into a huge stage, giving people a broad and detached visual experience. Moon night, starry sky, mountains and rivers, plants and plants will also join the performance at any time, becoming a part of the special effects of dance beauty. The perfect blend of man and nature and the unity of man and nature.

Luxury performance lineup

The whole performance has a strong lineup, including 200 imported horses and nearly 1000 performers. The actors in the live performance are composed of professional actors from art colleges and art groups in Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Guangxi, Sichuan and Zhuhai, as well as extras from local citizens and students in Chengde. Compared with other live performances in China, the most shocking performance in the performance line-up of the grand ceremony of Kangxi is the participation of 200 imported horses, which seems to be unique in China. These 200 imported horses are fat and good at running. During the performance, professional riders with unique skills and 200 imported horses roared from the right side of the mountain trail and entered the stage, presenting the grand historical scene of Emperor Kangxi's construction of summer resort guided by Emperor Kangxi with the world's divine deer in mind, to the golden age, iron horses, powerful men competing for deer, galloping in the battlefield, and establishing the grand historical scene of China's territory. Horses galloping, horn long, hero's legend grand opening!