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Ticketing information
If you have any questions, please contact our hotline:400-101-1122

Traffic guide
Performance address: Royal Theater of the heyday Dynasty, 188 Yuanbaoshan street, Shuangluan District, Chengde City
Transportation route: take bus No.5, No.5, No.15 or No.15 to Yuanbaoshan
theatrical services

Food Street -
Watch the live performance and taste the special food. The food street in the scenic area contains local flavor snacks, so that you can not only enjoy the visual shock of the performance, but also taste the court taste on the tip of the tongue.
Souvenir shop - 
Here, you can bring greetings to your family and friends. Your family can also feel the deep love of Kangxi grand ceremony with lovely lattice toys, childlike parent-child clothes and various Qing palace accessories.
Rental office -
If you feel a little cold during the performance, you may as well go to the rental office to find a warm coat to resist the cold and enjoy the prosperous palace with you.
Spectator Seats - 
There are 118 VIP seats and 2461 ordinary stands. Sitting in the mountains and rivers, you can feel the heroic spirit of the Eight Banners strong forces in those years, such as bravery, bravery and vastness, as well as the heroic era of golden age, iron horse, literature, hard work, prosperity and power, unified rule of the world and the heyday Dynasty.
During the performance, our staff will serve you all the way to help you find your own seat and watch the performance smoothly. If you have the intention to leave your seat, the staff will light up the stairs for you. Of course, if you need any help, please feel free to contact our staff.
VIP personalized service -
1. Free tea and fruit tray are provided in the private room.
2. The height of VIP reception service staff is more than 175cm, and squatting service is adopted.
3. All the service personnel have strong comprehensive quality, such as skilled in processing various kinds of tea, wonderful tea performance skills, rich knowledge of tea culture and wine culture, etc.
4. The clothing styles of the service personnel are all palace ladies' clothes of the Qing Dynasty.
5. VIP rooms provide customers with high-end services throughout the whole process, so as to provide more excellent and intimate VIP services.
VIP Lounge -
One hour before the opening of the live show, VIP guests can have tea and chat in a private and quiet environment. Magnificent decoration and high-quality star service let you enjoy the day after visiting the summer resort. At the same time, let the tedious waiting become a kind of enjoyment.
VIP room - 
There are 4 VIP lounges and 1 high-end conference room for 100 people. The overall design of the private room is noble and elegant, showing the royal style.

Medical room -
The theater has a special medical room to deal with sudden illness of guests.
Car park -
Free parking service is provided for you when you watch the performance, and there is a special person on duty to serve you.