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Carry out the preparatory work in a solid and effective manner

Update time:2020-01-18 16:37:57  1416second

The labor union will bring happiness to tomorrow, and the Solidarity Union will bring victory to tomorrow. In 2020, the 7th heyday Royal Lantern Festival is about to open grandly. We all devote ourselves to our work with the most full and enthusiastic working attitude. All the staff and workers work together to carry out various preparations solidly and effectively.

The Performing Arts Department is rehearsing the lantern show, and is always ready for the wonderful performance of the annual meeting; the technology department builds the lighting, video LED screen and sound frame; the theater operation and affairs department cleans the snow in the whole park, the road garbage along the way, and the sanitation of the meeting room; the security department always guards its own work post for the safety of the park, and completes the personnel department during the construction of the Lantern Festival The work of the Department is to supervise the safety of the construction site; the affairs department has done a good job in logistics preparation, the medical room has prepared common drugs, and the preparation for the Lantern Festival is very complicated, but all departments are proceeding in an orderly manner.