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Everything is ready. Welcome to the Royal Lantern Festival

Update time:2020-01-22 19:41:22  1658second

In 2020, the 7th Royal Lantern Festival opened in a grand ceremony. The colorful lanterns were splendid, and the enthusiastic performance lit up the eyes of every tourist. The laughter and laughter dispelled the cold in winter. However, behind the orderly work is full of staff who stick to their posts silently, and we are lucky to be one of them. In order to coordinate with the work progress of each department, the finance department is busy with the work in hand. With 100000 tickets, it only takes 3 days to complete the seal work required for the ticket sales in the early stage, and the seal work in the later stage is being carried out in succession, and the follow-up warehousing work is done well, which has done a good job of logistics support for timely ticket sales.

The night is as dark as paint, cold stars dot, but can't cover the bustle of the Royal Lantern Festival. We sing and dance, dress up and invite you to see the fire trees and silver flowers in the garden!