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Fire safety inspection of Performance Center

Update time:2020-04-24 09:18:00  1088second

According to the needs of the work, some relevant departments should carry out corresponding work. The leaders of the center deployed the work, and took the fire safety inspection as the focus, and the safety work should not be slackened.

Under the leadership of the Performing Arts Center, fire safety inspection shall be carried out in key areas such as the park, the mountain and the racecourse. In particular, the hidden danger of mountain forest fire prevention should be eliminated, and the mountain equipment, wires and cables should be inspected and deployed. Implement the fire safety system, post fire safety responsibility of relevant departments, and the rectification of fire hazards and preventive measures. Strengthen the management of key parts of fire safety. In view of the use of power facilities and equipment in each department, the hidden danger investigation is carried out. Meanwhile, all staff are forbidden to smoke inside and outside the park, and corresponding supervision system is made.

In order to prevent trouble before it happens, the department managers of the Performing Arts Center convey the spirit of safety work, improve the safety awareness, implement the safety work according to the specific situation of each department, and implement the safety work to the post and the person.

The Performing Arts Center always adheres to the principle of "grasping the early and grasping the small" to investigate the hidden dangers, so as to ensure the safety of the park to the maximum extent. Each of us should take this responsibility. Only by starting from ourselves, starting from details, being serious, not letting go of any hidden danger and ignoring any doubtful point, can we effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents, ensure the safety of life, and everyone is responsible for safety work.