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Garbage removal activities in the Performing Arts Center

Update time:2020-05-12 15:04:12  1897second

In order to purify the mountain environment, leaders of the Performing Arts Center led the staff of various departments to clean up the mountain garbage on May 12. Focus on cleaning up the garbage near the Giant Buddha and the mountain scenery, divide the work according to the departments, and make concerted efforts to clean up the mountain garbage in more than 2 hours.

Through this voluntary activity, not only greatly improved the mountain environment, but also enhanced everyone's awareness of caring for the environment. It's the most glorious thing for us to work together. I hope we can take good care of the environment and start from our side. At the same time, we should learn from our colleagues in the Performing Arts Department, love our labor, love our park, and create a clean and tidy park environment for you through our own hands.