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The work plan of "system management year" of the Performing Arts Center

Update time:2020-06-01 15:40:00  1218second

On May 29, the performing arts center actively responded to the company's call, and immediately organized the responsible persons of each department of the Performing Arts Center to hold a mobilization meeting in accordance with the notice on carrying out the "system management year" issued by the company. During the meeting, general manager Ding of the Performing Arts Center proposed to strictly implement the spirit of the company's instructions, and required all departments to sort out and rectify on the basis of the original management system and other relevant documents, do a good job in relevant deployment work and make a detailed system management plan.

The meeting also put forward the next work arrangement of each department, requiring the staff to take personal protective measures, pay attention to personal safety, enhance the awareness of fire safety, and take precautions to prepare for the performance of Kangxi grand ceremony.