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Do a good job in epidemic prevention, we are in action

Update time:2020-06-20 10:45:00  1398second
According to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the Performing Arts Center takes the prevention and control of epidemic situation as the priority, strengthens the epidemic prevention and disinfection work, and provides a safe, healthy and hygienic park environment for all performers.

The security personnel of the performance center take effective disinfection and control measures at the entrance of the park, measure the body temperature of the visitors, disinfect and inspect the vehicles in and out of the park in time to prevent virus invasion.

The clinic medical center is equipped with 84 disinfectant, medical alcohol, mask, sprayer, body gun and other epidemic prevention products. Monitor the temperature of staff in each department, conduct spot check at any time, sort out and file the temperature test form reported by each department every day, and timely report to the administration department. Publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention, improve the awareness of prevention and control, and distribute masks to the performers regularly.

At the same time, the medical team and the affairs team carried out all-round cleaning and disinfection work on Guangxi actors' dormitory, Racecourse dormitory, Racecourse canteen, actor rehearsal hall and other public areas. Supervise and urge the outsourcing teams and departments to open windows and ventilate every day, strengthen the management of environmental sanitation, so as to minimize the spread of virus and inhibit the spread of the epidemic.

We will persevere, create a good office environment and fight against the epidemic. We are in action. All the cast members of the Performing Arts Center work together to overcome the difficulties. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all, we will be able to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.