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The 10th anniversary celebration of Chengcheng's heyday is about to begin

Update time:2020-09-29 11:07:20  1584second

Ten years of the wind and glory, the Chinese chapter was opened. On October 17, the "celebration of the 10th anniversary of the prosperity and the launching ceremony of investment promotion of Dingsheng Yuanbao Street" held by Chengde Dingsheng Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd. will be opened. The industrial cluster established with the large-scale real-scale performance "the great ceremony of the prosperous Dynasty Kangxi" as the center will officially launch investment promotion, and devote its efforts to build a comprehensive cultural and commercial block with comprehensive features, which integrates leisure, entertainment and catering shopping in Chengde. It is reported that Dingsheng will join forces such as cuijian, tanweiwei, Haoyun, Zheng Chao, black leopard and face band to sing together, with stars shining and singing.

In the tourism product pattern of Chengde, the real-time performance of royal culture in the cultural industrial park of the "prosperous Dynasty" and the Royal Garden of summer resort and the ecological tourism of Bashang grassland have become landmark tourism products of Chengde city. They have a wide market influence in domestic and foreign tourism market and create a great value of cultural tourism brand. In the past decade, there were sweat, persistence, laughter and tears. It is understood that the construction of 2000 m2 outdoor stage, featured plot, thousands of actors and 100 horses, prosperous in less than a year will be prepared. Today, Kangxi grand ceremony has become a brand new business card for Chengde to build an international tourism city. In the process of promoting Chengde as the back garden of Beijing, Chengde has played an active role in gathering talents, guiding the tertiary industry reform, promoting economic benefits, promoting the inheritance and development of local culture, and driving local tourism consumption, which has changed the tourists' tourism to Chengde without any The pattern of leisure and entertainment projects at night.

In the ten years of wind and rain, the enterprise built a prosperous dream, but showed the leisurely feelings given by historical culture. Yuanbao mountain, a flower, a tree, a landscape, are affected by such a big play, so that this has become a quiet place to wash the mind. In the era of the rise of real-world performance, heyday has been striving for the development of its own and constantly surpassing in its persistence. Because of this, Chengde "summer resort in the 21st century" Cultural Tourism Industrial Park, which takes the cultural industrial park of the "prosperous Dynasty" as the core project, has become a model of the integration of cultural industry development and cultural tourism in China.

The reporter learned that, based on the original cultural performing arts area, the cultural industrial park of the Dingsheng Dynasty planned and constructed new cultural tourism projects such as Dingsheng Yuanbao street, Dingsheng calligraphy and Painting Institute, pipe Museum, Harley club and Dingsheng Meiyuan. It has formed a cultural tourism industry chain development and a large-scale cultural tourism complex. The comprehensive benefits of cultural tourism are fully reflected, and the high-level park has been realized Quality development. Since its birth, the cultural industrial park of the prosperous Dynasty has been leading the development of tourism performance in China. It has been reported by CCTV, China Network TV station, people's daily, Guangming Daily, Xinhua, people's network, fenghuang.com and sohu.com, which has attracted wide attention of cultural tourism circles and contributed to the development of cultural tourism industry in China“ The peak mode.