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Promotion of Chengde night economic prosperity

Update time:2020-09-29 11:10:59  880second

As an important part of modern urban economy, night economy is the engine power to promote consumption growth. In order to promote the diversification of Chengde's night economy, product enrichment and distinctive features, and to create a new economic landmark of night tourism, which integrates "night food, night tour, night shopping, night entertainment and night health", the "promotion of Chengde night economy and the investment promotion launching ceremony of Dingsheng Yuanbao Street" will be held in Dingsheng theater on October 17. It is reported that in order to enhance the influence of the event and feel the economic vitality of the night, Dingsheng will join hands with famous rock bands such as Cui Jian, Tan Weiwei, Hao Yun, Zheng Jun, black leopard, and face to make a full play and light up the carnival night.

Located in Yuanbaoshan scenic area of Shuangluan District, Chengde City, Dingsheng Yuanbao street is surrounded by a large-scale live show "the grand ceremony of the reign of Emperor Kangxi". It is composed of characteristic tourist souvenir area, pedestrian street, catering area and inn area. It receives tens of thousands of tourists a day. It is an important supporting element for live performance and integrated commerce. While relying on the commercial atmosphere given by the performance, Dingsheng Yuanbao street also highlights the cultural heritage of the ancient city. The block adopts the Chinese style antique architectural style, caters to the unique royal culture of Chengde, and forms a combination of culture, commerce and tourism. It has become a new landmark of Chengde's night economy, and helps to create a good atmosphere for economic development at night in Chengde. After the project is launched, it can play a positive role in gathering talents, guiding the reform of the tertiary industry, stimulating economic benefits, promoting the inheritance and development of local culture, and driving the local tourism consumption. It can change the pattern that tourists come to Chengde without night leisure and entertainment projects.

According to the reporter, Dingsheng Yuanbao Street will officially start investment promotion, and make every effort to build a comprehensive characteristic cultural and commercial block with complete functions for Chengde, which integrates leisure and entertainment, catering and shopping. In order to welcome the ceremony, the cultural industry park of the heyday Dynasty will jointly carry out other large-scale activities. At that time, Dingsheng Harley club will "gather hundreds of cars" to add vitality to the activity with a grand cycling mode; the 2020 China Chengde international pipe (cigar) art exhibition will also be held at the same time, providing a strong cultural stage for the majority of pipe and cigar lovers to exchange and discuss with each other and show more diversified urban charm.